My first blog post. What to write ?

by on 18/04/10 at 8:16 am

It took almost 4-5 hours for me to decide the theme , making some changes in css and php file and make it live .But after that I myself really dont know what should be the very first post for my blog.
So I used google to check what other think about this situation.And come up with some info ..
Introduce Yourself Like Who you I , What you like , Your interest , Your experience , Your other personal experiences or write about Your Reasons for Blogging. Com’on dude I myself really dont like to read this kinda stuff on some other blog post , ‘coz these are the part of About section isn’t it . And the most funniest thing is that those who gives this solution , they them-self started their blog with some other topic.

So for me its very tough to decide a topic for my very first blog post . You guys can share here , what was your first post ?

4 Responses to “My first blog post. What to write ?”

  1. Himanshu

    Apr 23rd, 2010

    First post is always difficult for any novice blogger. Generally they start from copying other’s content. :) . No I didn’t try it :)

    I must say it’s a nice attempt. Design of blog is clean. Hope to see cool blog design and informative articles here. All the best.

  2. admin

    Apr 23rd, 2010

    @Himanshu … thanks bro.. and absolutely true yaar (about the first post)atleast for me .. :P

    and i’ll try to give you guys some interesting posts in future..

  3. Deepak kaletha

    May 1st, 2010

    very impressive design

  4. Kavitkar uttam

    Apr 22nd, 2012

    Good Job i impress..

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