Infinitely Zooming Image in CSS3

After my previous post on Social Icon In CSS3 , I have decided to work on CSS3 animation property. So during my search I found a very interesting post on Infinitely Zooming Image . This zooming effect is done in flash. So just for my own interest I tried this Zooming image effect in CSS3.

Social Icons in CSS3

After Beautiful sunset wallpaper , I came up with some social site icons made in only CSS3.For those icons I have used gradient,radius property. Below I have attached the snapshot , to view the original output please visit DEMO.

Beautiful sunset wallpaper using only CSS3

Hello Friends , As we all know that CSS3 have some amazing features. So today I have decided to make some simple wallpaper using only CSS3 . And after devoting 1 and 1/2 hour with CSS3 I came up with this simple wallpaper. Below I have attached snapshot of the wallpaper , to view the […]

Unload Loaded Swf file by unloadAndStop()

hello friends , During my experiment I have noticed one important thing , that Loader.unload() method is not able to remove all the listeners attached to ‘stage’ by a loaded SWF nor it removes all the other instance like loaded swf’s sound , Timers  , movie clip animation etc. In the following example i have […]

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